D&D 5E: The Road Not Taken

The Story Continues 2

Earlier in the week, Lutien ventures to the docks of Skullport Island alone. He arranges for the parties gear, and in particular, his collection of arrows to be transported to the Deepfires Inn. For a small fee, Lutien secures workers to move the gear and Vhondryl allows the party to store some of the crates and barrels inside a secured room of the Deepfires. Later in the week Lutien puts is arrows to use and can often be found outdoors honing his skills on a length of side road that runs parallel with the Inn. For the first several days Lutien was satisfied plunking fixed targets from time to time as the road cleared and offered safe shots. Later however, Snarfs eagerness to participate went from some simple crossbow instruction to Snarf running at the far side of the lane with a blue and white striped shield upon his now more heavily armored back. The Kobold darting back and forth with several arrows firmly implanted upon the shield became a sight to behold for some. It attracted several kids who would perch upon the walkways and decks above to cheer on the Kobold. Lutien’s long periods of watching the lane are purposeful two fold. He has watched the comings and goings of a great number of people. Of note, a few filthy commonly clad people wearing a common color of mustard somewhere on their person. They enter an alley way from time to time that holds no obvious entry for those of their status. The business’s are more high end or solely owned properties. Iantorin and Val followed up with visiting the establishments and found no one of such dress present. The party suspects a secret or hidden door must be available for those who know of the passage.

Snarf has taken the opportunity to ‘assist’ with Valrak’shi’s morning drills when he is not being used for target practice. Surprisingly, the Kobold seems more dexterous than the group might have first imagined.

During Lutien’s visit to the Drippin Wet, Captain Christopher thanks the party for their assistance and wishes them well. He offers to take any of the party as permanent crew and informs them that they are making sail in a day or two now that their business is done. They have signed on with a few other vessels and are planning to hunt down the pirates that are preying on ships around the Skullport ocean portals.

Valrak’shi and Iantorin have also confronted several suspected ‘tag alongs’ on various evenings. So far, if their stories are to be believed, they have all been common opportunists looking for a quick score.

One of the thieves questioned by Iantorin offered information regarding the Cult of Cyric and the mushrooms that grow beneath the Minotaur. Nyk and Nok collect dung and grow mushrooms that are known to produce various hypnotic properties to people depending on dosage and preparation. A few persons, suspected of being associated with the Cult of Cyric, buy them in large quantities every few weeks. He has heard they use the mushrooms for some of their rituals.

After a few weeks, while enjoying an evening meal in the Deepfires, the party notices a dwarf enter and make his way to the bar. After speaking with the owner, the dwarf heads toward the party. The fiery headed dwarf makes his way over to your table and after ensuring you are who he is looking for introduces himself.

“My name is Dag Oakfist, Keeper of the Light in Tabernacle and Shield Dwarf to King Bruenor. I have a message for your party from King Bruenor of Gauntlgrym.”

He passes a scroll which holds the kings seal. It reads:

“Come at once to Gauntlgrym for an audience with King Bruenor Battlehammer, to discuss matters of gave importance concerning your experiences in the Underdark.”

The dwarf waits as the party reads the message and waits for their reply.


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