D&D 5E: The Road Not Taken

The Story Continues

The Story Continues…Feel free to forward me any actions you wish you character to take within the two or three weeks in which the party has been inside Skullport gathering information. This includes any communications or actions with the Crew of Drippin Wet before they leave port.

Retribution Unlimited LTD, has stayed the past few weeks at The Deepfires Inn, making the room their base of operations. The owner, Vhondryl, has been more than accommodating and seems to have taken a liking to the group. The party has noticed being followed a few times but they did not follow them into The Deepfires. Further, Vhondryl has been able to provide most any potion, philter or poison requested within a days time at relatively reasonable fees.

The party has learned that the Minotaur that sits hanging above the walkway has been there for decades. He wears a ring that keeps him alive and nourished but weakened and mentally unstable. Attempts to free him have always failed and a pair of goblin twins named Nyk and Nok grow mushrooms in the dung piles swept from beneath the Raging Bull. For a few copper they have spun tales about the fools who have attempted to free the beast.

During their stay the party has also been able to gather a wealth of information regarding the various factions and leaders within the city. The ones directly dealing with slaves, in participator.

The Agents of the Eye: This group is lead by Master Crass (an Illithid) along with Ahmaergo, the Horned Dwarf. They are at odds with Zstulkk Ssarmn, Misker the Pirate Tyrant (although you’ve seen them together on your first minutes in Skullport), and The Church of Cyric.

The Dark Dagger: This group is mostly drow and followers of the Masked Lord. Their leader, Malakuth Tabuirr and Amryyr Yauntyrr are not often seen nor are they often heard from.

The Church of Cyric: This group worships the Prince of Lies. Although they wouldn’t wear them in open public, the group’s robes are typically yellow with orange trimmings. They are known to conduct sacrifices under specific lunar conditions. The current leader is Strifelord Menes Azludde. They are currently at odds with Agents of the Eye, The Dark Dagger, The Harpers, The Iron Ring and The Keepers for various reasons.

The Iron Ring: The Iron Ring consists of all the groups and individuals that have a primary role in the slave trade in Skullport. This includes Agents of the Eye, The Dark Dagger, Members of the Reforged Ring and possible others that are not fully known. There have been a few rumors about Yuan-ti and even a Lamia Noble being involved.

Judas and Agamon are rumored to have their hand in almost anything that happens in Skullport.

Stig: The Pirate Tyrant is a Beholder and smuggler. Seen working with various groups for unknown purposes. It is rumored that he is at odds with The Eye aka The Xanathar which makes his appearance with Master Crass, an Illithid and leader of The Agents of the Eye somewhat curious.

The Eye (The Xanathar): The Eye does not dwell in Skullport but is rumored to have it under his baleful gaze through The Agents of the Eye.

A couple of the party members have caught glimpses of Gerky and Flar’lk of the Reforged Ring inside Skullport. They were escorting prisoners inside the protection of Skull Island.

The Drippin’ Wet has set sail and left the port of Skull Island. Having known this, you were surprised when you observed Cabin Boy Yin walking the streets with several body guards and his tiger. The guards looked to be part of the Agents of the Eye.

Snarf has continued to be a loyal servant. He seems happy to do the parties bidding and, so far, has proved valuable and provides reliable information.


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