Quartermaster O’Dual

Quartermaster on Drippin Wet.


O’Dual is a stout dwarf with valley’s and peaks covering his leathered face. His yellow beard is finely kept and ends in intertwined golden and deep blue dagger hilts. His heavily oiled leather armor moves and bends with him as if it where his own skin. He seems to watch almost every movement upon the ship with a critical eye, raising his left brow from time to time as if giving the matter at hand a bit of measured thought.


At sea, I learned how little a person needs, not how much.
The sea hates a coward.
When a man comes to like a life on sea, he is no longer fit to live on land.
Whatever comes, today is a fine day to die at sea.
No matter what awaits you on land, today is a fine day to die at sea.

Quartermaster O’Dual

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