Cabin Boy Yin

Cabin boy of Drippin Wet


The cabin boy has almost elfish features but his skin tone is more yellowed and his ears rounded. A half elf perhaps but his facial features seem distinctly unique. His accent is also oddly foreign to you. He moves quickly along the ship and Val notices his movements are efficient and purposeful. His golden, embroidered robes are adorned with jade dragon stitching and wood and emerald hair pins keep his blackened hair tightly knotted atop his head.

Cabin boy Yin has two very beautiful created tomes in an unknown script. He also is travelling with a Tiger companion of sorts.


Darkness cannot drive out darkness. Only light can do that. As it is with hate and love.
The Sword Coast knows not what comes for it. But we are but krill to be fed upon by whales.
Change comes to everything. Even more to those held in ancient ideals.
We are not here to assume the desires of gods. We only need to accept their commands.

He is from Tu Lung

Some artwork in Tome 1

Some artwork in Tome 2

Cabin Boy Yin

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