D&D 5E: The Road Not Taken

Valrak'shi Journal Entry 9

After the hag dealt with the birthing, she seemed eerily quiet…looking at the Drow priestess on the floor, we see her chanting or mumbling incomprehensibly. Trying to stay on our toes we prepare for whatever demonic spell she or the hag may be casting, but nothing seems to happen.

Moments later, we notice an object on the ceiling of the cavern. It seemed to be made of mist, and making its way above us…the hag upon noticing then quickly casts some type of spell and vanishes from sight. Looking around, she’s not to be found…but the entity, a tree-shaped being it seems, coalesces into a solid form and drops down in the middle of us. Reacting as if we’re being attacked…because it seemed such, we quickly learn that it is much tougher than it appears. After trading blows and moving out of its way, we realize it is a summoned being that the Drow must have been calling in her mind-altered state. Ian took the brunt of the attack, nearly knocking him out…but once we realized it was just trying to get to its master, we made way for it and fell back.

Once all of the fighting was over, the hag appeared again and prepared to take care of the 2 children. We found out that the Drow made a deal with the Hag to help her deliver the babies…apparently twins are rare and they often end up killing off the weaker one in the womb, and the hag bartered her services with curses for ownership of one of the children. This may sicken some, but I am not surprised by this as my own history isn’t far from such a tale. Who births you is irrelevant; who raises you is another story. I know not what the Hag needs with such a child…

We find out a couple of interesting facts upon talking to the Hag. Apparently, while we were here on the island talking to the Hag, Lutien inadvertently shot down her familiar. Not knowing what it was lurking on the ceiling, one can understand his action! It appears to be capable still though, so luckily no serious or lasting harm was done. I imagine the Hag wouldn’t have been very welcoming had we destroyed her familiar…

The last thing we learn from the hag is somewhat disturbing…she wants to make a deal with us, as hags are wont to do. She will aid us in escaping this region, but in return she wants her hut repaired and to leech certain fluids from particular party members. This doesn’t sit well with me… and at the time of this writing, I am already back on our southern island with the other party members, I have just watched Galathalas go with her, for what exact purpose I cannot say. Galathalas isn’t the most trusting or open, not that I blame him, we all consort with the likes of those we cannot trust, or dare not. We shall see upon his return what stories he brings… until then, I will watch as the Merro under the Hag’s control lift our boats from the waters to once again be ready to go should we need a hasty exit.


Dizzy_Lion Dizzy_Lion

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