D&D 5E: The Road Not Taken

Valrak'shi Journal Entry 12

I make notes as I sit upon a small wagon, bumping along, taking a turn at resting my feet. Looking forward I see only the back of a Duergar, holding the reigns attached to a giant spider, a common Underdark steed named aptly a ‘Steeder’.

Looking around there isn’t much to make note of, we are currently traveling out of Gracklstaugh heading towards Neverlight Grove, a rough tunnel and road before us. Very few lichen grow along these paths, and fewer words seem to be spoken in the group.

Going back to where I last wrote…

After visiting the Bazaar, we started heading back to the Inn. Something seemed off about the entire area out there…the Duergar dealing seemed even more irrational than one might imagine, constantly blinking in and out of visibility. Luckily Lutien was able to acquire some arrows and Ian a new helm. The only thing that caught my eye as we were heading back to the Inn was a small figure, possibly a Derro, dressed in rags with a fancy jacket and a wide-brimmed hat that continued to dart in and out of alleyways and between people. I was keeping an eye on him but lost sight of him once we returned to the Inn.

Once back at the Inn, we all sat around comfortably and found out we have a new companion. Sitting upon the dark and dank rafters was a small humanoid figure. At first we didn’t see it, but Gal pointed it out and beckoned it come down. Soaring down it lit comfortably on his shoulder and we could see at once it was a construct like the Hag had been creating. Was it sent to spy on us? Will the Hag sellout our location to the Drow using it as a conduit to track us down? Gal seems to trust it and seems to have a connection with it but I can’t help but keep my guard up. Like everything else in the World Below, we may as well use it until it proves too dangerous otherwise.

We have a couple of drinks and speak with the bartender, asking to know more of the area. He tells us of a few different hotspots we might want to check out, as well as of the local ruler, Deep King Hargar. He and his entourage are not to be trifled with. He also makes mention of our Quaggoth “friend” who walked out with his flagon of ale. The barkeep was none too happy with him, but after looking upon Derendil’s face decided it best to let that one flagon go.

The barkeep mentioned to us an individual named Faleras that might be of help. Thanking him with coin, we took this information and prepared to head out.
We traveled north, back through the Bazaar, off to the west near one of the docks near The Shattered Spire. The Derro we were searching for is known to frequent that area, usually fishing or so we were told. Gal sent his new familiar along ahead to scout it out; so far a very handy companion. He found what we think may be him so we made our way there. Along the way we had to fall back in the shadows…apparently a battle was being fought between a giant and the many Duergar guards milling about. It burst through the wall between the city and the dock area, and apparently was half-mad. We considered stepping in to help subdue it, but in the end felt it best to keep the faerie fire from our heads, so to speak. Summoning the shadows around us, we snuck away unnoticed and to the dock area where Gal’s familiar was perched. We found the wrinkled old Derro there, fishing as expected. Gal introduced himself and the seemingly friendly little figure motioned us into the bar to have a drink.

The bar seemed to be as expected, a bit of a rough joint but our party doesn’t mind that. Sometimes we even crave that…too much stagnancy makes the body weak. There’s a mixture of Derro and Duergar inside, nobody seems to take any notice of us as we sit in our corner and drink our Darklake ale. We found out through our new contact of a Derro couple that are known to be able to make the Neverlight Grove trek in a fraction of the time. Faleras is all too happy to setup a meeting with them, so we prepared to head out, dodging fighting (more madness?) Derro along the way.

The Derro couple were not too far away, Tallo and Tal by name. They specialized in mushrooms, which made sense knowing that they knew a fast route to Neverlight Grove. Initially they don’t seem too keen on helping us, but Stool hopped out and they were taken aback by him, and happy to help him once they learned of hit plight. They informed us that they would be able to leave the following morning.
The next morning Gal’s familiar (I still know not the name!) spots the two Derro making their way to us. They enter the Inn and we greet them downstairs. We stopped briefly to see if Jimjar was interested in joining us, but he was neck-deep in his gambling so chose not to.

After loading up on the small wagons we headed out of the gates towards what we are told was Neverlight Grove.

And, that brings me back to the beginning. I now put my quill down and am to swap out with Ian, there’s only enough room on each wagon for one person to ride at a time. Until next time…


Dizzy_Lion Dizzy_Lion

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