D&D 5E: The Road Not Taken

To Skullport (The Drippin Wet)

A new family.


Once aboard the ship the party can tell this particular ship seems very well maintained. The hull, riggings, mast and sails look almost new. Gear and supplies are neatly organized and secured both above and below deck. Two large masts loom high above you. As you gaze skyward you observe several crew working on riggings and sails high above the deck as if unaware of the certain death below should they lose their grip.

A medium catapult sits upon the forward facing quarterdeck and two ballistas upon the forecastle deck to the rear, along with a small cockboat. Another cockboat is secured to the center main deck.

After a time Waterdeep’s City Guard and Inspectors arrive to inspect the ship before allowed to leave harbor. They will examine supplies, provisions, sails and crew before attaching a sealed inspection document to the main mast which includes what colors to raise on the way out of the harbor. If those colors are not raised the ship will be stopped by whatever means necessary.

As the crew and the party prepare to set sail, the you spot a large vessel entering port. The ship shows obvious signs of major damage even from a fair distance. Two of the masts are blackened and several sails are burnt beyond usefulness. From the crows-nest Lutien can see about a dozen masses covered with blackened and blood stained sails on the main deck.


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