D&D 5E: The Road Not Taken

The Return To Waterdeep

Welcome Back

There is much to do now that the party has returned to Waterdeep. Their time in the Underdark has make them wise but also wealthy. They form a company name, ‘Retribution Unlimited LTD’ and deposit there well-earned fortunes in the Castle Ward Bank. 55,680 gp in total.

Ian reconnects with The House, recruits an apprentice and begins training.
Lutien spends his days researching magical item creation in an effort to construct a truly unique bow.

Galathalas struggles within his own mind, having been most effected by the parties time in the Abyss. Aside from this, however, he begins to plan for Skullport in order to deal with the slave trade.

Valrak’shi spends a great deal of time with Draylia. He learns all he can from her wisdom and insights. She in turn, asks a great deal about the party’s time in the Underdark.

Draylia of Blackstaff Tower hires the party to ensure the safe delivery of items of critical importance to the tower in her absence.

Although the time back in Waterdeep has been fruitful if not fulfilling, a few of the party members seem eager to venture to Skullport. Galathalas has word of a ship leaving for Skullport that is currently docked in the harbor. The party has started making arrangement for their departure.


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